Upcoming Shows
The band is playing a series of  up-coming shows., trying out new  material in exciting new venues.

Come out to FLIP FLOPS FRIDAY & SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14th & 15h. THEN on Friday NOVEMBER 21th see us at the Planks on Silver Lake and Seymour road in LINDEN for a great time.

We will be performing some of our acoustic show which is always fun for all. It was perfect timing because Matt just restrung his mandolin. We were all a little worried about this because he was seen chasing the local cats prior to this. Hopefully they ran faster than him, however I wouldn't be surprised if you hear an occasional  MEOW coming from the speakers.

Latest - Grunge-o
What do you get when you cross hard-edged old-school acoustic with rock?

Not sure what you might get, but we got the Black Sheep. It's fast, furious, loud, and a thrill ride from start to finish. Check it out!

email me
810-735-6500   P.O. Box 310 Linden Mi 48451

The BlackSheep are  @
FRIDAY & SATURDAY       NOVEMBER 14th & 15th
9:00-1 AM
2520 W Hill RD Flint

Planks  9:00- 1
8291 Silver Lake Road, Linden, Michigan 48451